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Contemporary abstract French painter. Born in 1985. Currently living in Paris after various experiences abroad such as Singapore and Iceland where she was granted a 1-year art residency.

True lover of abstract expressionists, Marine shares their idea that art is a perpetual exploration of one’s identity, a constant journey, rejuvenated time and again by the unconscious mind.

Her paintings are the reflection of a coherent set of fascinations: the expressive palette of American Moderns, and Nature, both monumental and serene. Her art is an invitation to fervour and contemplation.

With Marine, duality and opposites are but two faces of the same coin: silence responds to violence, appeasement to vertigo, quietude to chaos.
Choosing to paint with her canvases directly on the floor, using industrial tools and natural pigments, she explores the forces and movements created bythe overlapping layers of paint and the conversation between colors.

In the words of the poet Paul Eluard, Marine invites us all to “see the worldas I am, not as it is”.


  • 2023: Blue, solo show - Paris 
  • 2021: DRY, solo show - Paris
  • 2016: Gallery 59 rue Rivoli - Fashion week show for Flofferz Magazine - Paris
  • 2016: Musée Faure - Group show - Aix-les-Bains
  • 2015: Art residency, International Heima collective - Iceland
  • 2015: Permanent exhibition, Galerie MMB - Avignon
  • 2015: Selected 'Best artist' by JR studio director, for Wondereur (award-winning art platform sharing the top picks of the world's best curators)
  • 2014: FIAC Satellite Art Fair "Fair in off" - Espace Commines - Paris
  • 2014: Lunga Art festival - Group show - Iceland
  • 2014: HAIKU - Solo show, Galerie Monsieur - Paris
  • 2013: LAYERS - Solo show, Galerie Immanence - Paris
  • 2013: BLYSS - Solo show, Verney Conseil - Paris
  • 2008: Rythm & colors - Solo show, ReDot Gallery - Singapore


  • 2016: Flofferz Fashion magazine. Issue Neverland, with Michele Lamy.
  • 2015: The Claw Fashionbook, series The Winter Road, collaboration with fashion photographer Renaud Cambuzat
  • 2014: Selected in International Contemporary Artists book.
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